Python Client for Firebase Dynamic Links

by Mukhammad Karimov

Posted on Sun 11 November 2018


Have you ever integrated your Python web application (Django, Flask, etc.) to Firebase Dynamic Links ? Yes, No. It doesn't matter. This post is for you anyway.


In my last project, I needed a smooth user experience flow for new users who sign up on website, download mobile app (iOS/Android), and automatically login to their account.


Todo that I need to generate a user specific Deep Link and redirect the user to it.


I wrote tiny Python package called py-fdl and published to PyPi. You will get full documentation with code example in GitHub repository.


I just wanted to share with you guys. Please use it if it would fit what you are working.


Don't forget put your start to the repo so this keeps me motivated to maintain the package further.


Feedbacks and contributions are appreciated. Thanks.

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