Look this is my first blog post

3 minute read

This is my first blog, haha this is so cool :)

Hello my friend, how are you doing? If you ask me, I would say: I am coooool :) Why? because I have started blogging today, yeah, finally. I’ve just started typing few minutes ago.

But first let me tell you the main reasons why I am opening this blog. They are twofold.

1. Gaining knowledge

Until this day whenever I stuck on something, I always ask from people, my teachers, friends, coworkers. Thankfully, they helped me a lot, taught me things I don’t know.

Moreover I also use Google. I googled from what’s the gravitational formula to where’s the capital of Cambodia, or regular expressions in python or how to publish android app in Google Play.

I do all this kind of searching daily, monthly, yearly. Everybody does this in today’s world. You too. don’t you?

I decided, if I wrote what I gained in somewhere it would be easier to remember, refresh my mind when I’ve forgotten.

2. Spreading knowledge

I really love sharing what knowledge I have to my friends, classmates, people I know. I feel grateful when my friends ask me something I know and that thing would be beneficial for all.

Unfortunately, I cannot reach everybody, I know there are a lot of cool buddies who ‘lost starts’. Through this blog little knowledge can reach those people who are very unknown to me.

It is highly improbable to find what you are searching in here. However this is my commitment to make gigantic internet beautiful.

What’s next

If you are in to programming, DIY hacks or traveling like a wanderlust this blog is for you.
My dear reader, I am coming close to you and become a part of your beautiful heart, please be patient.


This is a single step by me to a long journey with you all dears. I really hope you are all get some benefit from my blog.